The IBM Big Data Quiz

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How much do you know about the Big Data industry? Only the numbers will tell.

Take our (nearly) all-numerical quiz to find out if you’re a Big Data whiz—and learn a few fun facts along the way.

The IBM Big Data Quiz

For every human on the planet, how much data will be created each second by 2020?

If you could put all the data that's produced every hour onto DVDs, how many DVDs would you have?

How much of the world's data is analyzed?

What percentage of organizations are investing in big data and AI?

What percentage of AI projects are stopped or slowed due to problems with data quality?

By 2022, what will the big data analytics industry be worth?

What percentage of companies has appointed a Chief Data Officer?

How much internet data does the world use per minute?

How much data will pass through the cloud by 2020?

How many tweets are generated in a single minute?

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